Sunday, July 24, 2011


So when I say stuff like..."working really hard" and "going to be done very soon".
It's not code for "sitting on my sofa naked eating Cheetos" although that would be nice.
Hell, just having a sofa would be a good start.

Do to the fact that I have plenty of time available I feel as if I should put it to good use.
With that being said, here's my newest project.

ONE HATE-The Live Gig Demo

They are a new band to come out of Ventura. Comprised of a trio of high-school kids playing fast and short drum and bass noise. When they first announced they were a band, only about three people knew that they were around. They did actually release a small three-song demo on youtube. The quality was less then fair (even for noise standards). The songs were recorded on a cell phone, I understand now that you can get some pretty good quality stuff recorded on I-phones and such, but these guys sounded like they recorded it through a blender.

All this and more led me to ask these guys if would ever release any new demo's. They asked if I could record them, something which I know nothing about. The drummer of SORDO handles all that stuff, and he's really good at it too. I told em that if they kicked him some cash, they could record their whole demo. Although $30 doesn't seem like much, I can recall never having more than twenty bucks in my pocket EVER.

Onto the demo.

I was originally going to make 30 of these.

After some listening however, I began to feel really good about the demo. The demo is comprised of their first show we helped them out with.

I jacked some footage that one of the guy's mom shot. I took the audio, spliced out all the awkward silences. Which in the end left me with a 10 song demo clocking in at WAY less then 4 minutes.

I really liked the way it all came out in the end, it sounds a lot better then when they played that day. Which in my opinion makes the demo listenable and even enjoyable to the right listener.

 If these cats were to find some decent gear to record on they would most likely have a killer sound people would crave.

After all, a performers performance thrives on the response of the listener. Only when people seem to give a shit do the performers themselves give a shit. If you have a band playing their "all" and the audience is more preoccupied with getting drunk-a rift is produced in which the bands just give up, leaving the sobering drunkards complaining about the "lack of scene".

In the end, I decided to make an extra 10 tapes for these guys. Hopefully they can sell em and pay for some decent recordings. I'm sure they'll be able to if they keep at it.

You can check out their facebook here.


The original footage from which the audio was taken from here.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

#1 GRIPE (2 A.M with nothing to do)

I really need to be sleeping right now.
My internal clock is fucked.

I was about to head to sleep until I remembered I had this thing.

It's easy to become jaded and forget stuff that doesn't necessarily turn up as interesting for others.
Enough I guess to receive constant positive vibes and feedback.


It'll be three soon.


My label is now established. Which isn't that much to say in my opinion. That is considering huge labels like Bridge 9 or To Live A Lie. Tons of people seem to just gobble up whatever they put out.
I wonder how long it took them? I guess I shouldn't be so dumb about it. Assuming that something I put out will be eaten in a day.


I released a band on tape!
Pretty sweet in my opinion.

RAD as fuck band named GRIPE.

Check em out here. https://www.facebook.com/gripecore

Rad dudes as well. I was able to produce 50 of these bad boys for these guys. Some are clear tape cassettes. Others are colored (red-blue-green-black?)
Not sure. 35 went to them, 15 for myself. 10 of which are going out to some homies I know from places.

All in all, it ran me about 30 bucks to do the 50 tapes.
How I did it for so little is a secret that only that band, myself, and a few select people know.

I don't think people will care. But I do believe that once people figure it out---I'll be in a heap of trouble...

Fuck, you have no idea what the overwhelming sensation I get when I realize that I did something like this ------------->

10 years ago I was dancing to Michael Jackson and playing Street Fighter 2 on my older brothers SNES.

I would of never guessed I'd be in a band.
Playing shows. Running a label. Organizing stuff and BLAHHHH...

Cool feeling. I hope this will be something I'll be able to show my grandkids if I ever have any.

I'll be releasing a slew of other releases.

Up next is the ONE HATE live gig demo.

A small tape run of 40 tapes that is comprised of their first gig opening up for ACxDC at Perkins Rd.

Check em out here...


They don't check it or update it that often. Guys are still in high school.

Cool picture. Some asshole bleedin from the nose.

2:58------Off to bed.