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So this will be the first of hopefully many interviews that I would like to conduct over my summer vacation. Much like school, work has got me swamped. Even If I work 3 hour shifts, it seriously feels like 18 hour shifts. Maybe I'm just naive, but I always get out of work dead sleepy, tired, and hungry. Imagine from my view though. A 350 lb Mexican running around in a kitchen with no break. I'm not complaining, I love my job, just stating some facts. I kinda trailed off from the topic haha..


So this will be the first interview I conduct with a buddy band that my bro came in contact with via facebook.
We traded(yes...people still do trade) demo's with them and we were floored by their material. Some of the more better stuff that we had heard in while. We both agreed that if these guys were to send a demo to TLAL or Give Praise that they would be picked up right quick. Maybe that's just our opinion of these guys. But we just feel that way. I mean if Ceremony can be picked up by a label, then just about any band ca---......let's not go there.

Anyway, I asked  the singer (Martin) about it. From what I remember (I frequently lose track of my surroundings and conversations I've had) he said that he'd rather put stuff out on his own and in the near future, begin his own label. Sounds like my kind of DIY buff. Should I also mention that they produce their own patches and buttons(both of which are on my hat)? Most bands that I know don't do that anymore. I guess shelling out money to international sweatshops is----won't go there.

 With that being said, here's a short interview that I asked them to partake in which they so gracefully obliged to.

Here's GOYAM.


(Obvious, ain't it)

E- Hello guys, first off I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Secondly, how are you?

M- We're all good, you know chillin enjoying our time off school.

E- Who exactly is in your band/group and what is everyone’s role in said group?

M- Right now we are a 3 piece I do vocals, The homies  Kevin on guitar and Evan on Drums.Originally we were a 2 piece just me and Evan with me handling guitar an vocals. The first 2 shows was just the both of us.

E- I’ve notice from your s/t demo that it resembles the INFEST design and layout. How big a deal is INFEST to you as a person/band?

M- As a person this band is illin  straight up rips one of my favorite bands. Joe Denunzio's vocal delivery is so real you know?, straight up cant fake it. As a band well musically we don't come close to sounding like INFEST, but i feel that the lyrics have had a influenced when it comes to being honest and just writing about shit you know and keeping it real.

E- As you know most people (the older generation) who are into the PV scene usually claim that PV is a long-gone genre. What’s your take on this? Do you claim to be PowerViolence? Do you think it’s dead?

M- Man to be honest this is so confusing haha, you got OGs saying "yea shits dead, only bands mentioned in HSMP are powerviolence" or fools saying "oh yea that band is powerviolence". I think it is what it is, and you can point out the posers by those who front or claim more then others, also the fools who call CEREMONY and TRASH TALK powerviolence. Goyam if anything is influenced by a lot of powerviolence and grind bands, personally I rather say we are a "powerviolence" band then "Grind", to me Grind is just to metal and I grew up with hardcore/punk. Don't get it twisted I still like my grind a la INSECT WARFARE and GONER. Most of the time i just say oh yea were "noiseviolence" or any other combination that sums it up.Despise you and Lack of Interest are still playing so i would have to say no it ain't dead.

E- Is mayonnaise an instrument?

M- HAHAHA, Don't want to sound like the VEGAN POLICE (TM), I will have to say no, unless its VEGINNAISE

E- What do you think of the underground noise scene? Do you think it’s a true legit scene? Or just a bunch of hopeless mamma's boys hanging out in their basement hoping to do a split with Gorganized Dorks?

M- HAHAHAHAHAHA GORGANIZED DORKS, Truth is man i think theirs alot of bands out there and a potential for a kick ass DIY scene, the problem I think is peoples egos and also fools not wanting to give new bands a chance.

E- What other projects are you currently involved in? Is it strictly the “hard stuff” for you?

M- Well so far i have been jamming with some homies, I play guitar in this project were all in different bands and have other stuff going so you probably won't here from us for a while. Stuff is influenced by 80's dischord bands and stuff like Los Crudos. Besides the hard stuff i like northern soul and oldies and other punk related stuff some metal. If I was a better "musician" I would start a Smiths cover band no joke.

E-  How involved are you in the DIY lifestyle?

M- Well at the moment i have no idea haha, well i contribute to a zine that my homie runs, try to make out to shows, buy records (music comes first, buy the shirt later you jerks) and wit Goyam I'm working on releasing a split tape with the homies SORDO and it's going to be Completely DIY.

E- If you had the money to spend willy-nilly, would you still DIY or rather pay outer sources to handle your non-music related undertakings?

M- DIY or DIE, none music related undertakings?, well id get some pants that fit and try to put out other bands stuff haha.

E- Which do you prefer? Vinyl? Tape? CD? Floppy Disk?

M- VINYL always, Tapes rule by the way.

E- How did you come up with the name GOYAM?

M- Well the drummer told me he had a name idea and I agreed on it after he explained the meaning , Its actually spelled GOYIM and he spelled it to me the way we use it and I though it looked cooler with an A instead of I so i just rolled with it. It means none Jew or used as a derogatory word towards none Jews in Hebrew.

E- Do you have any demo’s that people can get from you personally?

M- We had some 10, Most of them i gave to friends at the shows. I'm kinda lazy sometimes haha but my ass will get on making some more .

E- Do you plan on adding more members to your group instead of just being guitar and drums?

M- We have talked about adding a bass in to the mix also maybe some noise and sound clips, only the future can tell.

E- What’s the scene like in your area? Are people really into their scene or do they just sit back and complain all the time when there aren’t any shows?

M- Man its a mix up and kind of a trip, When I was 14 or 15 there was shows every other weekend everyone was in bands some good some bad. Now there are less if were lucky like one good show a month.San Diego having so many Hipsters alot of them coming from the bands i used to see back in the day, Is full of shit and also full of good bands. The Chula Vista area has a good diversity of bands, in general SD has variety but when it comes to "Powerviolence", fast,thrash or whaevercore there isn't much, at the moment my favorite bands of the area are Anthrot, Fed to the Wolves, Sleepwalk, Backstabber,Stopping Power and Waco Fuck. The Che cafe is the number 1 place for DIY shows its a collective were i have seen some cool bands but lately its just been empty like 15 to 20 kids show up when local bands play, Then when cock stars like CEREMONY come buy kids be running up on there dick same with other shit bands. Last good show to come to our area was Hatred Surge back in January.

E- Cool thanks, if you don't already know (people who may or may not be reading). I wrote these questions beforehand. In order to rid that feeling I'll close with this sincere closing. Thanks so much for the interview, I truly appreciate your time. Your demo fucking rips through the heads of hipsters and posers alike. I myself am anxiously waiting for more brutal nosieviolence from the likes of GOYAM

Thanks again to Martin of GOYAM. Like I said, these dudes fucking rip. They should have way more fans.
Check out their facebook page by liking them and getting updates.


Here's a direct link to thier Bandcamp where you can listen to thier whole demo for free.


Picture of my hat with DIY GOYAM patch and button

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