Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can't hardly wait.

New stuff coming soon.
I'm pretty sure the bands I sent interviews too just forgot about them or didn't do them at all.
Either way, I've never been one to follow up on things like that. (That's a nice way of putting it, my mom would say "I don't kiss ass")

I got mad after I stumbled upon a racist Facebook page.
A bunch of faggots trying to hide their racist undertones behind OUR faults.
And how WE lack the brain power to just ignore what they're saying and doing.
As if WE'RE fucking supposed to let bad things go unchecked.
After reading a few 100 posts I just gave the old idea of suicide another run.
Just an idea though, I'm way to much of a pussy to actually do it.
I don't have enough free time on my hands either.
I also know what my purpose is in life, and by law of nature-ending my life with unfinished business is bad business.


I can't wait till we're all dead.
This rotten species known as man will be it's own downfall.
Fucking racist pricks hiding behind they're mom's computer screen
spewing hate messages while being protected by our constitution.
Don't get it twisted. It goes for ALL supposed "races".
Fuck that. I renounce my race and ethnicity,
I am a man. I am a sinner.
Just like each and every one of you.

But at least I try to make a better person out of myself.
Not for a "race". For myself, and the greater good of all.

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