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                                        To live, and die in a fucking box!
                                        To live, and die in a fucking box!
                                        To live, and die in a fucking box!
                                        To live, and die in a fucking box!

How those simple words rung in my head. They rung due to the fact that I would consider a large proportion of my life living in a box. The box being my room, or my house, or the many houses that I lived in previously. My family has moved around a lot. Nothing has ever been home for the longest time. I was always told to stay inside and not get to comfortable, we'd be surely moving away in the next year or so. Anyway...

Prepare for this phrase which I will utter many-a-time till the day I die. "The VC (Ventura County) scene could be so much better" I'm not complaining, merely making genuine observations from my personal viewpoint. Few bands ever make an impact on the community and with the motivation of a Sloth, casually drift into the internet oblivion without so much as releasing any physical materiel. On top of that, these bands are overly preoccupied with becoming the next big thing at Warped Tour or Sound and Fury. Even if  by now we can safely assume that Warped Tour and Sound and Fury is home to stupid fucking lame ass shit for brains cunt bands who can't play worth a shit and only achieve some sort of recognition by being marketed through exploitative record companies WHO'S ONLY PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO WORSHIP THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR WITHOUT PRODUCING ANY MEANINGFUL THOUGHT PROVOKING MUSIC WHICH PENETRATES THE MINDLESS MALL-CROWDING YOUTH WHO DON'T EVEN HAVE THE NERVE PICK UP A BOOK AND----------------Sorry about that...I'mWAY off topic.

I'm sure ANTHROT would agree though,

A message stolen and sold back to us. pre-packaged. safe and sterile. Value disengaged. no worth. no soul. no anything. Transformed into another fashion trend. Co-opting ideals. prep’d for market. profiteering off of what was never yours.And the flock will follow. foundations will crumble. your pockets will get fatter. Value disengaged. no worth. no soul. no anything. Transformed into another normalcy


This blog is to showcase the GOOD bands who are true to their roots.

One of these bands is ANTHROT.

ANTHROT can be described as...
*clears throat* ANTHROT can be described as...

It's hard to describe ANTHROT really. Some who may hear them may just write them off as another hardcore band. I'll be honest, I did as well before I took time to really listen to them. I feel like an asshole for saying it, but I don't want to be a  band-hopper (Def: A person who merely listens to a ton bands just to say he/she listens to bands...aka The Hipster, The Poser...)

If they were just another hardcore band I wouldn't even write about them. Nor would I have asked them to partake in the interview soon to follow.

This is ANTHROT featuring Matt and Zane.



E- Hey Anthrot how's it going?

Matt- All is well.

Zane- It is going well, we’ve been really busy recording our new tape release, which is now on the internet, and playing shows, keep your eyes open for the tapes when they are done, and for a release show.

E- So first off tell me about your group? I've noticed that you
Already have some material out on a label? What's out and available?
How can people pick it up?

Matt- We just finished up our new tape. It’s the first release on a new San Diego-based DIY label called Cop Grave Records. We also have a self-titled CD out. Both can be copped for free on the internet.

Zane- As of now I think that all of our recorded material is on our bandcamp page, and it is all free for download. Please feel free to go there and get all of our stuff, we want as many people to get their hands on it as possible.

E- How about members? Who does what and why? How long have you guy's
been around?

Matt- Matt- I play guitar and say words. Connor (who is absent from this interview) plays bass and also says words. Connor and I have always been in bands together and Zane’s been active in bands within the same community. We all work really well together.

Zane- We’ve only been around for about 6 months or so I think, I play drums.

E- You've mentioned to me before that you know Martin of GOYAM. Do you
guys play shows with each other frequently? What's that like?

Matt- Martin’s a good friend, and yeah, we play together quite a bit. It’s usually a good time. I like Goyam’s style and can’t really get into a lot of other shit going on in San Diego.

Zane- we’ve played a couple shows together. I’ve known martin and the drummer for awhile, they are rad guys for sure.

E-Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Matt- Mayonnaise is nasty as fuck.

Zane- eww.

E-What are your guy's influences? What motivates you as individuals? As a group?

Matt- Musical influences: way too many bands to list. Any bands that sound like something we might’ve ripped off, we did, those are my influences. As far as this band goes, I guess I’m primarily motivated to stay active in punk. The DIY scene is self-sufficient; what you put into it is what you get out of it. So it just makes sense to me to start bands, play the music I like, book shows, etc. It’s always been a big part of my life and something I enjoy.

Zane- I suppose my influences for drumming this style of music come from bands like Dropdead, Mind Eraser, and Tragedy.

E-Do you are any other members partake in other projects other than Anthrot?

Matt- I play guitar in a band called Waco Fuck.

Zane- Nothing to organized.

E-Let's talk about your lyrics. I've read a few of them and I've
noticed that your schemes go much more beyond the typical (ABC
rhyming...i.e...blap-trap-sting-queen) Who writes most of the lyrics?

Matt- Connor and I both write the lyrics, and yeah, we don’t try too hard to make stuff rhyme.

Zane- I enjoy them as well, Matt and Connor do all that work, always diggin what they come up with.

E- As well as straying away from the simple rhyming, I've noticed that your lyrics are quite dark and are aimed at the rotten species simply known as "man", the bastard police squads, and the more somber aspects of life. Do these lyrics reflect your personal experiences/feelings? Or, are they merely observations that you make from life experiences?

Matt- Personal feelings and observations I guess. We just like to write angry songs cause we’re all bitter and negative. We’re like old men.

E- Don't take offense to this, but I chuckled when I read "Impending
March of the Zeta Reticulans" Is this song about the infamous drug
cartel "los zetas"?

Matt- Nah, aliens.

Zane- haha, nah, this song has to do with annunaki-esque conspiracies.

E- What's your take on religion, I know this can be a touchy subject
to most people. I myself wouldn't say that I have a religon, but I do
have some ideas. What are your guy's ideas on the subject matter?

Matt- We’re all atheists. I can’t say that I’m super knowledgeable of all the world’s religions, but as far as the abrahamic religions that are predominant in our culture, everything about them is ultrafucked, and there’s really too much to talk about. For now, that will be my “take on religion”.

Zane- Religion is a plague of the intellect and the main obstacle in the way of the ethical and moral behavior of our species.

E- "You just can't go around killing people!".......

Matt- Why not?

Zane- I’m sure many would argue both ways.

E. Did it suprise you that the Governator had a secret love child?

Matt- Nah, not surprised, not interested.

Zane- I still can’t believe that he is governor. Fuckin A.

E.Back to the subject at hand. How exactly did the name Anthrot come
about? What does it mean?

Matt- I wanted there to be something relating to anthropology in the band name. Connor and I both got really into the subject, thanks to school. Basically the name is the root “Anthro” (for human) with a ‘t’ at the end, like Anthro + Rot= the rotting of humans; something like that. Ultimately, I just think it sounds cool.

Zane- Along the lines of rotting humans I suppose, that’s what I was told.

E.I guess the only thing that I have left in my bag of questions is this haha. Vinyl? Tape? Cd? Floppy Disk?

Matt- Like, what’s my preference? Tapes and vinyl are ill, but it’s 2011, I listen to CD’s and the internet.

Zane- The tape will be released soon, we might have the tape realease on limited edition cd’s and vinyl, but it hasn’t been decided yet. I would like to though,

E. Oh, before I forget. My favorite question to ask. How involved are
you with the DIY aspect/lifestyle. Do you incorperate this idea with
all your undertakings?

Matt- DIY punk has been a huge part of my life since I was 14 or 15. I’ve always been in bands, put together flyers and records, booked shows, etc. I love the satisfaction of doing cool shit for myself and my friends. Anything outside of DIY that claims a punk title is bullshit. Fuck Scion sponsored shows and old sellout fucks.

Zane- We do as much as we are physically and financially capable of.


ANTHROT is probably one of the most original and awesome names I've heard in a while. Just say it over a couple of times--AN--TH--ROT. Haha anyway. Everybody should check these guys out and support them. Not many true and legit bands come around. These guy's will not disappoint, unless of course your fans of **************** or some lame shit like that. What a fuckin horrible name....****************? What the fuck were these guys thinking?

*uhh...yea guys....we need a name....hey frank....you like x-men... don't u?*
*what's that fuckers name?*
*which one?*
*you know... that guy with the knives.... in his hands*
*there's two of em*
*...the bad guy...*
*...something ruth?*
*right...and I like left 4 ded.....EUREKA!!!!!*

WAAAAY off topic haha.

Like I said. Check these guys out. Read into their lyrics, hit them up and listen to them. I hope these guys can make a lot more music. It's tough for DIY bands. Especially the ones who are gracious enough to give out music for free like these guys.

You can pick up EVERYTHING these guys put out to date on their Bandcamp.

Check em out and follow them on their Facebook page here...

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