Thursday, December 29, 2011

#26 Wages Of Fear

*Edited months after realizing I didn't write up on Wages!*

Just quickly, Wages Of Fear is a band I play guitar for. We've been active for a long time but shows are very rare and now people believe we have broken up. Which isn't true cause people never ask us to play.
During our time we did a tape release of a show we played in Santa Barbara

you can see the picture and some more release specs on the facebook page


only did 20 tapes on recycled ones.
Sold a good chunk of them and traded the rest.

Original Post

God I really do hope the Mayans or Aztecs-which is it?
The ones that predicted the end of earth December something 2012?

Either way, I hope they are right. I know- I know, this isn't a post about a band or something with the label but... I use to have a blog called "Escape From El Rio" That has since ended due to the fact that it became an outlet for me to express (via written media) my dislike for this place. But goddammit if I wanna fuckin write something I'm gonna write it. I urge everybody to do the same. And I don't mean those silly facebook posts that limit your thoughts  to 300 characters. Seriously. Our minds are capable of so much. Billions of cells working simultaneously to produce thoughts and execute bodily movements. And you mean to tell me that you're gonna try and limit what I have to say to a tiny paragraph? Fuck that. Make a blog. Write as long as you want. Write till your elbows go numb from slouching over a counter top for half an hour straight.

Last night I stumbled upon my old diaries...yes diaries. Call em a journal and you're a closet fag.

Anyway, I was going over stuff I had written. Writings since 2001 when I was 10 in the 5th grade or so.
It was pretty nice. Reading over little excerpts of my life that only seemed like yesterday. Such as the day when my family and I moved into this trailer park "The Royal Duke". A trailer park community for the senior citizens of the world to live out the rest of their days in pleasant silence and bliss.

Pretty hard though when fuckheads come in at 3 AM blaring shit music. Don't even get me started on the kids who live here. I was talking to a few who I know personally through living here and through serving them food at the high-school I work at (my old school in fact). This place has a name believe it or not. This old folks home covered in graffiti simply known as "The Dukes".

No fucking clue as to why it's called that. Maybe a reference to the phrase "Put  your dukes up". Maybe these kids are trying to insinuate that they are ready to fight any given time at night as long as it doesn't interfere with 8 hour facebook sessions.

Back in 2001 things seemed pretty innocent. My days we're pretty routine. I'd wake up. Take a shower. Go to school. Come home, watch TV, eat dinner, play and then go to bed. 10 years have passed and it seems the same in all honesty. Wake up, take a shower, go to work, come home, browse the internets, label stuff and then go to bed.

I don't really know where I'm going with this...

2012. Live in the now.
Lot's of stuff is going on. The Aceh Teen punks being rehabilitated. The SOPA Protect IP acts. Occupy Everything. Can't wait for this fucking world to end. With that being said I'm very excited to be working with like minded nihilistic individuals who only want to grind their minds in with savage blasts of noise.

Lot's of stuff in the DIY Noise line-up in the works.
We even got some vinyl projects underway.

I found a neat way to get some free-ish printing done. To be honest I was gonna stop printing and doing label things. The idea that money controlled everything was making me fear for the future of this label. That is until I discovered My Coke Rewards.

Thanks to the place where I work I receive one free drink per day. Extra thanks to the 1000+ kids who drink sugar laden liquids and just toss their bottles into the trash for me to take home. Not really. The special education teachers do that. I just snag the bottle caps up before they notice.


I pick these up as much as possible. And for good reason too. I was browsing the coke rewards catalogue and realized I would never be able to drink enough soda to earn some cheap improted headphones. So instead I looked around for stuff that I could actually use.

I discovered this neat little treasure.

To the right is a cool promotion offering 50 free 4x6 prints for every 50 points redeemed. Bottles of coke usually earn you 3 points. 50/3 equals about 16 or so bottles. In school currency about 20 dollars. OBVIOUSLY it isn't worth the money to just get regular prints done. Let alone future health costs.
 I get em for free though!
Lucky me right?

Anyway, I started a snapfish account and decided to submit covers for DIY Noise releases. I did a little testing and it turns out that tape covers are exactly on point with tape covers.

Here's my proof.

I only trimmed off a tad from the top and bottom parts of the print but other then that, it's fuckin perfect.

Free high-quality photo prints courtesy of Coca-Cola.

I''m pretty sure this makes me a hypocrite.
Either way, this only cost me 2 dollars to print out 50 of these. Doing them at home  would of cost me $40+ on ink alone.

I've already sent out orders for the Corrupt Humanity/Shangkuan Lingfeng split and for the Psychotic Sufferance tapes. Tons of sweet prints for only a few bucks. Even better, the company gave me an extra 50 free 4x6 prints, One 8x10 high-def print (might use that for when the first 7'' comes out), and a 11x17 poster print just for joining. Once again, thanks to Coca-Cola. Go ahead, destroy rain forests you bastards. Wipe out a villages fresh water supply. I'll take your free shit and use it against you...I know right...
"we got a badass over here"

Now I can concentrate most of my time and energy towards other stuff...like finding a girlfriend...or losing weight to get into my sweet PRIAPUS shirt that I've yet to fit into.

Who knows.

2012 here I come.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gripe - Pig Servant review on Operation Grindcore

Check out this review of Gripes latest offering from the awesome people over at Operation Grindcore!


A tape version of this release will be available sometime in 2012.
Be on the lookout and while you're waiting go pick up the 7''!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Interview w/Andrew Lipscomb of Operation Grindcore.

A while back Andrew asked me to partake in an interview which I thought was very nice gesture. Of course I only agreed if he himself agreed to one by me as well haha.

Well here's the last thing that'll I'll be posting up until the next year. I'm gonna try and get some work done now that I have 2 whole weeks to do so. Without further a due, presenting the baddest mamma jamma and youngest grind and extreme music aficionado out there. Andrew "OG" Lipscomb.

*also, I don't know why but the format of the whole interview isn't in suit for some reason, not a big deal but I'm a real ball buster when it comes to stuff like that*

E- Andrew, why did you decide to start this label?
A-  Well as you all probably know Operation Grindcore is not only a label, but a blog as well. I originally started the blog last spring break as a way to keep from being bored, and I had always wanted to contribute something to the "scene"(I hate that word) as well. Ever since I have been into underground music, independent/diy labels have always fascinated me, and I had always thought, "when I get older/get a job, I am going to start one myself". After I had been doing the blog for a couple of months, I put together the Operation Grindcore Vol. 1 compilation. Doing that was a great experience and after it was out, I realized that it wouldn't be hard for me to start my own label now, so I made Operation Grindcore a label too!

E- Cool man, yeah haha being bored usually is the basis for most things starting up. Okay then, what was the process like for putting together your first compilation?

A- Well I really had no idea what I was doing, haha. I pretty much just put up a status on facebook looking for bands who would be interested in being on a grind comp, and I asked a few other bands directly like Gripe, and Robocop. When I first started to put it together I only expected there to be like 10 bands who would be interested, but instead there were A TON, and I eventually had to cut it off at 24(originally 25, but one band dropped off), haha. It was a great learning experience for me and I am really proud of how it all turned out

E - Learn through practice that's always a very good way to go about with things. Now I'm sure we've all noticed that you're a fairly young person. How did you get into the extreme side of music at such an early age?

  • A - Well it started by me getting into thrash  
    ands like Metallica/Megadeth in second or third 
    grade, then in my early years in middle school 
    Sepultura/Death, then after that I abandoned 
    metal when I started to get into grind, hardcore, 
    powerviolence, etc. 
    early years of middle school*

  • E - Wow the second grade really? Haha that's crazy man. Well how bout changing the subject a bit towards music. Could you give a rundown of what you have playing on your record player or Ipod or whatever music medium you prefer?

    A - 
    Yeah man, I started really young. I fell really fortunate to have been exposed to good music at such a young age. Well Tapes and Vinyl rule everything, haha. But I use my ipod a lot on the bus, at school, etc. Lately my playlist has been consumed by a ton of noise stuff, like Dental Work, Winters In Osaka, Actuary, etc., some hip hop, and Man Is The Bastard, Water Torture, Ulcerrhoea, Excruciating Terror.

    E - Rad man, do you plan in any bands at all?

    A- Well I have this noise project called Lost Appeal that I am starting right now. I actually have a split planned with Vii from Hiroshima Vacation's noise project (<o>). I am pretty stoked about that, but other than that I don't really play in a band, mainly due to the lack of musicians in my area, haha

    E- That's cool man noise is fun haha. Yeah I know how that can be I'm sure others do as well. Okay let's drift away from the label and music for a while. What do you like to do aside from the label and such?

    A- Pretty much just hanging out with friends, and doing stupid stuff, haha. Cooking is great, I have been told that I make some mean tofu,haha, reading, and learning new things, watching documentaries about random stuff on Netflix, etc.

    E- That's rad man a lot of the younger generation don't really take the time to learn how to cook and are usually passive and don't care much for documentaries. Anything recently that you've watched worth mentioning?

    A- Actually, I just watched a decent one today, it was called American Grindhouse. It was about all the old exploitation and Grindhouse movies from back in the day.

    E- What do you see in the future for Operation Grindcore?

    A- Well, I have a ton of cool releases coming up, that I can't tell you about right now, haha. Including some vinyl, which I am very excited for. I also have some really great interviews coming soon to the OG blog, so stay on the lookout for those!

    • E -Awesome man I'm sure everyone is stoked for all that. Any last comments?

      A - Yes! Thank you for all of your support and for doing this interview! You are a DIY LEGEND! Also a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Operation Grindcore!

Many thanks to Andrew.

I know you're checking out his site on a daily basis, and if you're not then you're a poser!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Interview w/Animal Train

I can recall in the very early stages of DIY NOISE that I was doing interviews.
In the beginning in the label I wasn't thinking about putting bands out on tape, I was just aiming to be an interview online thing just to pass time during my summer vacation.

After my first two interviews I got excited and asked more well known  bands if they would agree to one, most did but I'm sure now after five months they just either forgot or didn't care much for my questions.

Either way, here's one with a Texas based punk rock band by the name of Animal Train.

E- First off tell us the name of your group. Who are the members whichmake up the group?
A.T- Animal Train
CJ: Vox
Rich: Guitar
Jeremy: Drums, Vox
Chris: Bass, Vox

E- How long has this group been active? Is there any special theme or message behind the name?
A.T- We’ve been a band since 2007.  We relocated from Upper Darby, PA in late January 2011 and met up with Jeremy and Chris to form our current lineup.  The name pays tribute to an old friend of the band.

E- Do the members participate in other musical acts?
A.T - Animal Train keeps us pretty busy but in our free time we jam and do other projects.  Nothing serious though just something to do for fun from time to time.

E - It's interesting to hear a band shout OI! Believe it or not, I've met a few people who don't know what OI! means, yet shout it whenever possible. Can you guys tell the readers what this means? Where it came from? Thought's on why it's such a popular term?

A.T - Well, there’s just nothing like some good old oi’ in the morning.. it perks up your ears and gets your day moving with a crooked grin and fist up in the air…the term oi means different things within specific cultures… but to us it represents our love of UK oi punk ..we included it the song NRA because it was fitting to the overall feel.. our sounds are influenced by lots of old school punk bands and this song specifically sites our love for Menace, Sham 69 and others.. we feel the whole Cockney has now spread its wings to globally become this enormous family of a guts and blood spitting working class world. Oi !!!
E - I see on your guys profile that you're all about the DIY ethic. Something I'm super down with as well. What does DIY mean to you guys, of course it means Do It Yourself, but it seems as if there's a

broader sense to the term that's arisen through people's. How do you guys DIY?

A.T - D.I.Y. to us is just about keeping it simple and having fun.  It also means doing things on your own terms.  Yes of course it means do it yourself and as you should.  Get out there and make things happen.  Don’t sit around bitching there’s no scene or nothing going on.  Get out there make your own noise and support your friends in their causes a long the way.
E - Changing topics, I see you guys have some shows coming up. What are people's reaction to your jams?
A.T - Well we mist be doing something right.  We always meet people who say they dig what we are doing and that they really like it.  It always puts a big smile on our faces when we look out and see people jumping around and having fun while we play for them.  It makes it all worth doing.

E - Speaking of music, what's the overall theme or message that makesup your songs. Do you guys tell stories? Are you guys super political? Happy songs? Sad songs?

A.T - We have a political edge to our lyrics for sure.  But we’re not a political band some songs tell stories and others are about past experiences.
E- Do you guys ever get into squabbles about creative direction or how songs should sound? Or is it a pure collaborative effort where everybody has a say.

A.T - No squabbles most of our songs start out just guitar and vocals until we get an idea together.  Then drums and bass are brought in to round things out.  Other times songs are created just out of jamming with each other.
E- Do you guys tour? If so is it often?
A.T - Since relocating to Texas we have played all over Austin Houston San Antonio Dallas San Marcos and Denton. No tours yet we’re still working building up our local following but we plan on touring in the future.

E - Going back to your music, is there anything at the moment that people can pick up?
A.T - We have released 3 EP’s and 2 7” records so far.  If anyone out there wants to pick up anything shoot us an email and we’ll talk details.

E- Okay, at this point I run out of ideas for questions. So here comes some random zany questions. First up. Is Mayonnaise an instrument?
A.T - Its all in how you use it baby.

E - Who is your daddy and what does he do?
A.T - No idea we are all test tube babies but we know they must have enjoyed donating sperm.

E- Alright haha, well I've had my fun for the day. Any parting words for the readers?
A.T - D.I.Y. = Freedom keep it real keep it punk and please enjoy the tunes.

E - Lastly where can people get in touch with you guys?
A.T -Website
Follow Us


This one's been on hold for sometime now. These dudes asked me to make them some tapes about 2-3 months ago. It was a while before anything started rolling due to the music not being able to be recorded.
It's tough sometimes, especially when your broke and young. I can remember when I was in highschool trying to record with my early music endeavors. It's tough, which is why I was very happy when they did finally get me the music they we're happy with.

Faceless Numbers play dirty noisy gutter crust punk. The first demo tracks they sent me we're just that. A total fuckin racket haha. They had promised to send some more clear recordings to which I was stoked for. I could hear parts of the songs but a lot of it was drowned out by this and that frick and frack.

It was a while before the tracks came in but they got em. 50 tapes in total all sprayed red.

Check em out!



I thought I was forgetting something. I haven't had so much time to just sit down and finally organize and update everything. With that aisde I was very much obliged to have been able to add this under the DIY Noise list. Having been delayed for three years now I was able to produce 50 tapes in total. Sprayed in Red and Green. Don't know why really haha. I don't think they asked for a specific color. So i just chose whatever  I pulled out of my containter first haha.

Diseksa hail from Malaysia and play dirty blistering grind. In this even is a rad NASUM cover of Inhale Exhale. Bastards play in the same vein and I don't think I'd be wrong to say that there was a bit more of a lean towards noise and such.

Either way, a great split! Check out the bands here!




I've been REALLY busy with a bunch of stuff lately. I didn't think I'd be. Don't know why either. Anyway I present you Dead End Alaska. These lads hit me up some time ago asking for a pressing of tapes. Orignally they had asked for 30. I decided to do 50 since they we're going on tour and every little bit helps out.

These guys play a brand of hardcore similar to Life for A Life, they actually hail from the same place. Lancaster. Similar to Life for A Life but more melodic and in thier words progressive. I've never really heard any styles of melodic hardcore to be honest. It was something new to me though and I'm glad to have been able to help out.

Check em out! They're heading out to tour in January.



I really don't think I need to write about this.
Paul Phipps of Rectal Twat and other grind/noise ventures contacted me about doing some noise stuff. I really don't remember anymore to be honest haha. In retrospect I think he was being sarcastic or joking. Anyway, I was planning on doing some noise for Larva. We both just decided to be completely stupid and use household objects as instruments.

So here it is. 20 pieces of shit that contain the most ridiculous songs ever recorded. Don't buy this. Don't listen to it.

You'll be lucky if you even get more of a glimpse of the cover.
I'll carry my half to shows and see if anybody wants to take a gamble on it.


Favorites of 2011

The rad lad Andrew "OG" Lipscomb over at Operation Grindcore asked me to contribute my personal favorite list of releases of 2011.

Something that is never easy for me due to the fact that I'm terrible with Chronology.

With that being said I shall crap out a list of my favorite releases that I've come up on during the 2011 year with my absolute best to try and put things that came out this year up in there and include as much as possible instead of just grind or pv stuff.

I had actually heard of them but never gave em a chance. I ordered some stuff from Jim at Incursion Recs and he tossed in a copy of the Exogorth/Abandonement Issues tape. I was floored with Exogorth.So stoked to hear more on these guys.

Exogorth/Abandonment Issues
Exogorth/David Carradine

I fuckin love Lt.Dan. They pretty much shit out gold nuggets with every release they pump out. Can't wait for the tape reissuesof all their previously out of print matieral.

Lt.Dan/Violent Gorge/Satan/Pizza Hi Five

I accidentally got into these guys when I went to L.A to catch Archagathus with my brother. I was looking at thier merch and asked if they had any vinyl with them. To which they replied "Yeah! We got this one with Six Brew Bantha" to which I responded "Who?" I hadn't heard of them and almost didn't pick it up. I don't normally like to start buying matieral from bands who put out stuff constantly (I.e Agathocles, Unholy Grave, SMG) for the sake that I just can't afford to be spending X-amount of dollars for the new slab of vinyl. I'm very glad I didn't pass this one up though because the SBB stuff in my opinion was better then the Archagthus stuff.

Six Brew Bantha/Archagathus

Sea Lions are one of my personal favorite bands hailing from my home area of Oxnard. They play a type of garage/pop/surf punk that really stands out in the typical punk/nardcore scene. I'm yet to purchase the full length that was released on Slumberland records, but am anxiously awaiting my paycheck for when I can. 

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sea Lions But Were Afraid To Ask

As far as Diy Noise release go, Chulo is my most favorite one of what I've put out to date. With absolutely NO disrespect or ill towards all the other stuff I've put out. I love each thing like a child, but it's a question that a bunch of people have been asking me and the first thing to always come to mind is this. I had the great pleasure of putting out a double sided ep of two releases that we're available for download on Grindcore Karaoke. 

Chulo - Odio A Primera Vista

Calafiaputa rank as my second favorite from Diy Noise and yes I can understand that it may sound like I'm tooting my own horn. I don't see myself as a label though. I merely see myself as a means to help bands with putting material that they've put out on their own already, on tape. With that being said Calafia Puta's "2" was an awesome addition to their catalogue that I can only hope will expand even more.

Calafiaputa - 2

This just barely makes it to 2011. I'm sitting here trying to think what came out when and I could of sworn that this was out since 2010. It actually might have but I'm using Grindcore Karaoke as my source for this. I found out Marion Barry in what seems like many years ago. I saw a vid of them playing and I'm pretty sure it had a link to thier myspace page. Anyway, class A PV that I'd recommend to anybody whom is a fan of fast music.

Goddamn! God's America (Seeds of Rape) is the way Powerviolence SHOULD sound. These guys blew me away with thier demo. I traded some stuff with Andes and he sent me 3 copies I believe of this...or 2 of this and 2 of Cogs and Sprockets. Which ALSO is great stuff. Check them out! 

Seeds of Rape - Demo
Cogs and Sprockets - Pretty much anything they've put out.

The very first thing I heard from Gripe was "JUST FUCKING DIE!!!!! It was followed by a brutal onslaught of  complete and utter hate fuled grind. Diy Noise started off by releasing "The Future Doesn't Need You". Very glad to have been able to put that gem out. Check out their latest offering which will also be pressed by yours truly in the near future.

Gripe - Pig Servant

Sorry the pic is so small with this one. These guys have been around for a while. I heard thier first output on youtube and was stoked. I tried looking for it but had no luck since it was out of print already. I'm always stoked and grateful when bands put out discographies. Rad as hell hardcore that brings to mind old school international bands like Terveet Kadet, Kaaos, Siberias "Bastards" and more of the like.

I know there are a ton more releases that I'm forgetting. I wish I had the patience to comb over all my emails and pages upon pages of internet archives to list eveything.
But at the top of my head here are some more stuff that I was really into this year.

SMG/Dasiy Cutter
Inside The Beehive
Arroyo- Rotting Corpse of Morbid Beer Grinds
Priapus - Airloom
Ultra//Negative - Finally I'm At Peace
Hiroshima Vacation
INTHESHIT - King of The Grindcore Jungle

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


These dudes fuckin rip!
Chalking up another release in the bag to INSIDE THE BEEHIVE

These dudes are just.....aww.....

Words can not explain....

Okay...THIS is what happens when you listen to these guys.


and this...




maybe this too?


Get the picture?


These dudes fuckin rip! 6 ripping tracks of pure audio assualtage!

Get at them!


Friday, November 11, 2011



So this was just released a while back.
And already it seems like people are into it.

Smaller run for this piece. 40 copies in total sprayed in random colors that I don't even remember haha.

The SUPERCRABS side is a live segment. 20 min of pure unadulterated noise chaos from the hands of two awesome lads. They cover Napalm Death and GG Allin in this set and if played at the right volume-you can hear the multiple orgasms of every lady at that show.

The LARVA side is titled FUCK BILL O' RILEY!
Fucking asshole son of a bitch pig!
Useless waste of life worse then the brutal back lashings at the hands of a psychotic Ritalin fueled  junkie!

No good right wing ignorant slime cock sucking set of wasted mass on this diseased planet!

Anyway, the Larva side has I believe 12-15 tracks of noisecore mess! With a bigger lean towards grind a la Arsedestroyer and Unholy Grave. The last song is an ambient noise sequence to bring everything to a calm serene ending.

Bill O' Riley is an asshole. John Waters has better taste than this prick.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is one of the many announced SORDO splits that has finally been able to be completed. Super stoked about this because this is the first new SORDO release since our raw lo-fi low count cd release. We we're able to share this piece of media with CANCERxPATIENT. We had the pleasure of sharing a set with these cats last night (10-29-11) at a house show in LA which for Sordo was our first show outside of the county. We we're also able to play with a ton of other rad as fuck bands GONER-NULL DEVOID-HAPPY PILL TRAUMA-APUTASOS-xMxJxCx

About CxP- this band is a power trio of dudes playing some wicked ass drum and bass noise similar to Spazz-only more raw and dirty. They love weed...and....more weed.....and...even more weed. But seriously, they love weed. AND MAKING A LOT OF FUCKIN NOISEZZZ!!!!

60 tapes in total for this release.
Each set of six-8 tapes is a different color scheme.
This set on the picture is a half tone of red for SORDO and orange for CxP each with a nifty little sticker label design, CxP with the weed leaf and SORDO with a taco  =D

3:20 seconds of raw drum and bass noise-pv from us complete with samples and such.

7:40 of noise and similar likes for the CxP side complete with samples and such.

More than half of our share of the tapes are gone, so if you'd like a copy of this limited release please hit us up  for one.

Hit up CxP as well and follow dem guyz!




Wednesday, October 26, 2011


These guys hit me up a while back this month.
The person I was actually talking to was George, a super rad and friendly dude.

What we have here is Mechanically Separated by THE CRYPTIC YEAST.
Playing a style of either (from what I remember of what he said) cyber/digital thrash.

I was curious as to how this would sound. Twas most definitely a new genre to grace my ears.

In case you're wondering what Cyber/Digital thrash is I can explain it this way before you check out the rad EP at their bandcamp here.  http://crypticyeast.bandcamp.com/album/mechanically-separated-ep


Imagine you're back in your early teen years...

You're mom or dad or older bro/sis needs to babysit you, they don't want to because of your horrendous acne and awkward anti-social behavior. Video games and high sodium processed foods rule your life.
Instead of making time to bond with you they drop you off at the local arcade with 20 bucks and tell you they'll pick you up in 3 hours. 

You pocket the money as you head inside your sanctuary. You are greeted by the pleasant scents of dirty soda stained carpet and other like minded adolescents who "forgot" to apply deodorant.

Your first stop is the concession counter. "One large soda and a candy bar please" The concession lady gives you a dirty look and snarls "Here's your change!". You proceed to the token machine-you eagerly feed the machine and it spits out your coins. You head to your favorite machine. You tense up,your palms make contact with the sticky buttons and knobs, you're in the zone now. Nothing else matters. It's only you and the machine.

You hear this music that seemingly plays on a constant loop-you feel as if you're floating in space defending the earth against hordes of alien beings hellbent of ravaging the earth of it's natural resources...and smoking hot babes.
Your eyes are glued to the cabinet. Your eyes are dilating with each oscillation of light and sound that penetrates your ears. Your hearts racing, you're unsure if it's the high caffeine  in your body or the music that's giving you your edge. You easily breeze through dollars upon dollars of pocket change. In the end you walk out into the cold harsh world to return to your everyday mundane activities...


If you don't believe me just play "Los Intrepidos" (first track from this EP) while watching a a "let's play" segment on youtube of an old game like Final Fight or F-Zero or something. You'll see what I mean.

It's super rad stuff, these dudes could even collaborate with videogame people to write scores.

For this partticular release I did 50 tapes. They were sprayed in various colors such as red-green-orange and what I experimented in a "blue-breeze" (I was going for an ocean mist kind of look)

They are all handstamped and numbered.

Check out thier almost complete discography here at crypticyeast.bandcamp.com featuring the EP in it's entirety (with the exception of 2 hidden bonus tracks exclusive to the tape release tee-hee.)

Also here's the facebook page to follow with these cyber thrashers!



Thursday, October 20, 2011


Let me start this off by saying FUCKIN A!!!!

These dudes fuckin rip so hard it's not even funny.

This was by far the most exciting tape I've done to date for these reasons which I will elaborate on a bit later.

These guys hail from Bogota, Columbia.

That's pretty far from here in Oxnard.

They had actually messaged me speaking in spanish. Asking if I spoke spanish and if I would be interested in releasing them on tape.

I responded with a hearty "Of course I speak Spanish!...sort of!"

In the end they just decided to help me out and speak in english. (There now that you know they speak english go hit them up and talk to these dudes! Rad and chill as hell!)

They had put out two releases on Grindcore Kareoke but still had no labels put out anything with them.
I couldn't understand why, these dudes we're fuckin ill!

Imagine a spanish version of Spazz topped with a hint of Knuckle Scraper baked at 200' on high blast.
These guys pummel through an insane blast of tracks in less then 8 minuets per side.

This particular tape features both of their releases on Grindcore Karaoke.

Now as for the reasons as to why this was the most exciting tape.


I have NEVER seen art this fuckin good ever in my life.
And this was done in a matter of a few days.

Upon my personal request of absolutely nothing dealing with satanic pentagrams these guys produced this.

What caught me off guard was the extra panel. I was only use to doing single panel stuff. I hadn't tried multiple panels until this. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after tinkering with it for a while I managed to get it just right to print out the both sides of this insert card.

That was actually the only reason why this tape was so exciting.
The INCREDIBLE artwork and the extra panel.

Maybe not something spectuacular to you, but to me this was. Now I'm gonna be able to do this more often and maybe even use it for my personal Sordo or Larva releases haha.

As for the tapes 50 were made for this release.

All numbered and given this very nice and awesomely detailed sticker label.

Just great!

PLEASE check this band out.
They are raaaaad as fuck and deserve way more attention.

Check em out here!


#16 Mrs. Howl

After working on several releases at once I have been able to finish two out of many waiting releases.

The first is...


I was contacted by the lovely Laurel Dagger about putting out some Mrs Howl tapes.

She gave me a link to her revernation page and what awaited me was a style of music completely foreign to Diy Noise.

Not to me of course, I know exactly what they're playing. But in terms of the label as it's own entity.
I can add a new genre to the labels ever expanding list of varying styles of music.

This Texas trio play a brand of pop driven garage punk.

As a whole the Ep is actually a very good one.

I'm a sucker for melodic punk most of the time.
Especially when it comes to ones fronted by the almighty female.

Punk generally is taken as a "boys only" club.

The numbers don't lie when it comes to bands either.

I can very easily count the number of bands in oxnard that have womyn in them (at the moment only a few)

Everything else is just a bunch of sweaty angry shirtless dudes playing for other angry sweaty shirtless dudes.

I'm always glad to see a new girl band come around or at least see or hear a girl playing in a male-dominated style of music.

As for the Mrs. Howl release. The ep contains 6-7 songs, (it's 1:30 am...super tired)
Super DIY recordings and format, with some pretty catchy tunes to go with it.
Although the guitars can sound a bit flat at times, it can only leave me hoping that someday they can hit the studio one day and really get some hi-fi stereo recordings.

For this release I did only 20 tapes upon request. All sprayed in a fabulous Hot Pink color ;)

Check out Mrs. Howl here!


Monday, October 3, 2011


Life For A Life

This one was finished since tuesday!
I had been really busy with stuff and hadn't had time to get to the printing.

As soon as I finish dubbing the tapes i consider the project mostly finished since inserts and lables take almost no time to do (except for the folding.....GAHHHHH THE FOLDING!!!!!)


These guys hail from Lancaster.

I actually went there a couple months back with my band Wages of Fear to play at the Fantasy Hall.

It's pretty rough over there, it's looks as bad as where I live O.o

These guys hit me up in August about putting something out on tape.
I checked thier stuff out and although it's not my favorite cup of tea they had something about them that reminded me of the other bands I like.

That is something called respect.
Seriously, these dudes are so chill. Not one lick of snotty pretentiousness at all anywhere.

So of FUCKING course I'll put their stuff out on tape.
Why the hell not?
They even offered to pay me!

So far only a few bands have offered cash (not holding anybody to anything haha-this IS for the BANDS afterall haha)

But still, once I sat myself down to listen to the matieral I grew to like it.
They play just fast enough for me to wanna pit it up.
And they throw down some pretty cool riffs to top it off.

Check out their stuff here!



Okay! So this is the 14th release I think.

I was super pumped about this one since it was a split between two bands that I had heard of before.
Great brutal fast stuff from the likes of both.

Terlarang hail from Malaysia
Gevabow from the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan for all you Jersey Shore fans)

I did them 50 tapes (20 for each and 10 for myself)

This one is gonna be super super limited. And costly O.O

Shipping can be outrageous at times when it comes to international jobs.

Anyway, these were sprayed at random.

I took my cans of paint and seriously went all BANKSY on these fuckers.
No two tapes are the same color!

This release is actually a re-issue of the same stuff that both bands are putting out on vinyl!

As we all know vinyl is superior so go buy that before you get the tape.

Check out both of these rad bands here and there!

Post Script.

Haha was just reading how we got into contact.

Here's what they sent me in the beginning.

"hey man. we are TERLARANG crazy thrash violence from Malaysia.
now we find any labels want join on upcoming split 7" with GEVABOW speed thrash attack from JAPAN. Japan band bro, cool!
okay the plans is 4 labels co-release on this 7" now we already have 3 labels, 1 from USA, 1 from France, and 1 from Australia.! (world wide co-release huhu)
now we just need 1 label to complete this co-release!
1 labels just give $250 USD + $59 USD (shipping) FOR 100 records 7". great deal i think!
and this 7" will pressing on 500 records and also on colored vinyl too! huhu

so how you think bro.???

I obviously didn't have the 300 some dollars to help out, so I offered them tapes and they graciously accepted!